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Cambridge/IELTS/Trinity Certificates


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The European Council has created a system assigning certification levels of linguistic knowledge through adopting a set of criteria, which is recognised all over the world and for all languages, which is called the CEFR or Common European Framework of Reference. This comprises 6 levels starting from A1: elementary reaching the top level, C2: competent.

Exams/tests are carried out to assess the relative knowledge levels and certify, once passed, the specific level that has been reached (CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH), or, Multi-level, i.e. a standardised test that is the same for everyone regardless of linguistic level which establishes a score based on the type of exam used (IELTS -TRINITY).

Here at Business Voice, all language courses offered are carried out using methodologies that enable language- level certification exams that can be completed at all knowledge levels and all ages.

Clearly when a decision has been made as to which certification exam path to take you will need to prepare specifically for it as each requires a significant investment of time to work on your knowledge and techniques, to give you the best chance of success.

Business Voice serves as an English language preparation centre for the following Exams / Tests: CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH, IELTS, TRINITY.


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