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Courses for children and youngsters

Children are our future.
Let’s give them the chance of building an even better one



35 years of experience

Business Voice has 40 years of teaching experience, organising its own courses and offering linguistic support to a number of schools and public institutes.

Today, more than ever, knowledge of the English Language is a fundamental tool for opening opportunities around the world. It has become essential to be able to read instructions and access information expressed in English, to communicate for travel or with friends of other nationalities. Above all, however, knowledge of English is the master key to open doors to the world of work.

The goal, therefore, is to deepen, expand and enrich their linguistic capabilities, allowing them to acquire correct pronunciation, a good grammatical foundation and fundamental vocabulary to better deal with the real world. Therefore, we believe that it is fundamental to start the linguistic approach from the Kindergarten age. Naturally, as children grow up, they will be able to learn other important languages such as German, French, Russian and Chinese at our school.

We therefore believe it is essential to start with the linguistic approach already at the age of kindergarten. Naturally, in addition to learning English, as young people grow up they will be able to approach other important languages ​​which today are summarized in German, French, Russian, Chinese.

At the end of each course, Business Voice will issue a Quality certificate outlining:

  • Level reached
  • Technical linguistic ability
  • Frequency
  • Teacher’s report
scuola dell'infanzia  in inglese
scuola dell'infanzia  in inglese


Courses for children aged from 3 to 6 years old. Our school has recreated a safe and highly specialised environment, with the atmosphere of a nursery where children are stimulated to learn their first words in through playful and fun activities.

Constantly guided by teachers with proven experience in childcare, children will play, draw, sing, listen to stories and become familiar with English. Placed within small groups of 6/8 children, the little ones learn according to their natural learning rhythm.



Group classes for children from 6 to 11 years old. Business Voice has formulated English courses in which educational paths are closely liked to play, fun and inclusive involvement of the student.

Our teachers encourage children to participate in group activities that promote the development of new language capabilities, the ability to socialise, as well as the evolution of concrete thinking.

The lessons are completed in a friendly and relaxing way, creating room for dramatisations, acting, and exploring expressive techniques. Courses can be held face to face as well as online.

LANGUAGES:  English and German. Other languages on request.

corsi in lingua bambini
corsi ragazzi


Group courses for from 12 to 18 years old. In junior high school and high school, English lessons tend to be quite traditional and not always suitable for developing different levels of proficiency. Maintaining the youngsters’ interest and commitment in studying English is therefore our goal.

The flexibility of our teaching methodology allows children to deepen their English capabilities with ease. Giving particular emphasis to speaking, relying on continuous and constant teacher interaction, modern audio-visual aids are integrated to form fundamental aspects of our teaching. Courses can be held face-to-face or online.

LANGUAGES: English and German. Other languages on request.

One-to-One courses

Highly personalised educational programs (including international certifications)

  • Lessons programmable from time to time
  • Special in-depth lessons
  • Possibility of face-to-face lessons, at home or online


corsi uno ad uno
ragazzi corsi in lingua

Courses online

Business Voice offers online courses, both as a group and as an individual, for those who want to learn a foreign language, but cannot travel to participate in a course. Our school provides:

  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Personalised lessons that are adapted to reflect the student’s needs and desired frequency
  • Flexibility of time
  • Teaching materials

LANGUAGES: English. Other languages on request.

Constant support
from teachers

Issue of the
Quality Certificate

Customizable programs
for your needs

Intensive Summer Courses

Learning English and German in a fun way through playing and integrated language learning, here in Italy, is one of the key objectives of our intensive summer courses. The aim is to offer the same opportunities as a fully international course held abroad.

LANGUAGES: English, German. Other languages on request.

corsi di lingua in italia
lezioni inglese ragazzi

Study courses abroad

Business Voice organises study stays abroad for 2-3weeks in June, July and August. We choose the best schools, selected for the quality of their services and their professionalism. Accommodation is with selected families, or in colleges, which further contribute to language learning.

LANGUAGES: English, German, Spanish, French

Courses in the prestigious BELL ENGLISH SCHOOL CAMBRIDGE

Business Voice is an official representative of Bell English School Cambridge, we therefore, give clients all information on the activities and educational programs that are available in England at Bell school.


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