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Military Language Courses

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The importance of language training

For the military of today, speaking a foreign language is a fundamental part of International Missions, It is essential to follow a language learning path, such as that set out by STANAG NATO 6001, to have the necessary knowledge of a foreign language according to the SLP (Standard Language Profile). It is important to dive deeper into the preparation for foreign missions through real-life simulations, to improve on pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary, with particular attention being placed on learning the terminology and phraseology to be used in the context of international military missions.

Business Voice offers language training courses organised as a group and/or one to one individual learning in any language required and any knowledge level, which can be held at the military base or as personalised online or face to face lessons. The courses will be divided into:

  • Basic courses to deepen the knowledge of foreign languages for military personnel.
  • Intermediate courses to improve the existing SLP (Standard Language Profile of military personnel).
  • Advanced courses and J.F.L.T. to further enhance the knowledge of the foreign language of military personnel, who already have a good SLP (Standard Language Profile) and bring their language to an even higher level.

During the course the initial, intermediate and end of course tests will be used to check not only the understanding but also to monitor the improvement, thus giving the participants the opportunity to reach their pre-defined goals.


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