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A New Business Voice Teacher in Town

A serialised English language course by Business Voice


A New Teacher In Town is a 5-episode TV mini-series dedicated to those who have just started to study the English language. It tells the story of James, a teacher from the United States. James arrives in Italy to work at the Business Voice in Buttrio where he decides to settle and where the entire cycle of TV lessons are set. Each episode is dedicated to a topic around which it develops: greetings and introductions, the hotel, the restaurant, shopping and the bar.

At the end of each episode, the study of vocabulary and grammar is developed with the help of topic cards that explain the subjects covered in each episode: introductions (episode I), personal pronouns and the verb to be (episode II), the modal can and let’s (episode III), present simple and would like (episode IV), future/conditional/shall (episode V).

All lessons, lasting approximately 10 minutes each, are spoken entirely and exclusively in English and have English subtitles to facilitate the understanding of the dialogues.


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